Exersexology A,B,C…..

Ever wanted to know how many calories you burned during sex? EXERSEXOLOGY is your A-Z guide of creative, erotic positions to have fun and burn calories too. All 26 sexisodes (chapters of sex positions) give you a different thrill and feel! Enjoy the variety of new erotitic combinations, which can give you a calorie burn of up to 303kcals from one sexisode!

• C – Crosswalk No time to lie down, let’s test your stamina! Cross walk consists of standup positions by one or both partners. Get ready for a phenomenal leg and abdominal workout during an all standing sexisode!

• G – Gravity Get sexified right side up and upside down by defying the earth’s gravitational pull. Demonstrate your strength and explore the power of pleasing each other from all angles.

• I – Infinity Get ready for the long haul with 21 exotic positions. Give yourselves at least 90 minutes to ignite your flames with infinite positions to orgasm and calories to burn.

• R – Rubber band ‘Rubber band,’ will test your flexibility and balance. Both partners will stretch and be stretched in 12 amazing positions. This sexisode will loosen and relax those tight muscles of the legs, hips, back and neck. It’s such a pleasure to be stretched, and have an orgasm too!