As funny as this may seem, my concept of Exersexology first came about through a fun, unofficial calorie burning case study, in which I had a select amount of fitness professionals wear calorimeters/heart rate monitors (devices which can track heart rate and calorie burn during physical activities, the device can be worn around the arm, wrist or chest) to see accurate calories burned for different lifestyles and activities.


Within 2 weeks of the case study, some ofthe fitness professionals wore the devices while having sex? So the curiosity spread like wild fire and before I knew it, I received more off the record data about sex and calories versus calories and lifestyle? This absolutely amazed me for two reasons: first, how hooked individuals became on knowing the exactexersexology book number of calories burned during sex (which I now call sexisodes) & second: how much more sex the participants were having because of it! So years past, and I hosted an internet radio show which discussed fitness and sex, and the show was my highest downloaded podcast! At that point I knew it was time to create a new wave of calorie burning sex through Exersexology.


I want to say thank you to the couples who participated in my calorie burning sex study! The couples utilized heart rate monitors to gather data for each sexisode (sexisode was conducted at least twice with recorded data). All the data was collected and averaged in the final publication of Exersexology!


It’s your turn to try. Have fun!
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